Posted by: nhfalcon | July 19, 2007

Looking For A New Theme

In about seven months of blogging I’ve used all of two themes. I like both. In fact, come Christmastime, I’ll go back to my original theme (if I can find it again). I feel like trying something new, though. Ideally, it would be something medieval-looking. I think of the scenes from the Extended Edition Fellowship of the Ring with Bilbo writing There And Back Again or Gandalf poring through ancient tomes in Minas Tirith looking for information about the Ring, and I think, “Yeah, something like that!” Something where the font is almost but not quite calligraphy (I want people to be able to read this, after all 🙂 ) and the background looks like aged, wrinkled parchment with tattered edges.

Wouldn’t that look cool?

Anybody know where I could find something like that?

And please don’t tell me I could design something like that myself – I am nowhere near that talented with computers! 



  1. Maybe YOU can’t design one, but I’m betting you could find someone who does…

  2. I have no clue where you find any of that stuff but I’m surprised you’re not looking to incorporate some 300 images into your design.

  3. The ATempleoFire WordPress theme is a FLUID design and also compatible with 800×600 screen resolution with no horizontal scrollbar!

    The theme is also widget ready.

    Link to Alpha Testing blog entry
    New WordPress theme ATempleoFire

  4. I think you’re overestimating my fondness for the film “300” here. In fact, I was a bit disappointed with the movie. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it failed to live up to the expectations I had based on the trailer.

    The point behind mentioning the movie in that post was actually how cool it was to randomly stumble across how to find the music I liked so much from the trailer when I wasn’t even really looking for it.

  5. If you find a photo you like and you tell me what you want, I’d be happy to set the text and size it up into a banner. I make no claims to Picasso-like talent, but I have all the software and tons of fonts, and it doesn’t take me long to put that kind of thing together (especially now that I have a little bit more time, what with grad school being done). Just an offer, if you’re interested.

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