Posted by: nhfalcon | June 15, 2007

NOT Hot!

The ten most overrated “hotties,” IMHO…

Paris Hilton

Nicole Richie

Angelina Jolie

Lindsay Lohan


Kate Moss

Uma Thurman

Kirsten Dunst

Gwyneth Paltrow

Juliette Lewis

I suppose I can see how other people may find these women attractive, but they do absolutely NOTHING for me. 



  1. Speaking as a straight chick (which, I recognize, severely limits my credibility in such assessments, but whatever), I’ve gotta tell you that I absolutely agree. None of these women give me even the slightest twinge of “pretty envy.” Add Cate Blanchette to the list, too – I was really disappointed that they cast her as Galadriel….

  2. I would take Blanchette over any of the other women on this list, however, and it was a “Top Ten” list, so perhaps she just desrves a “dishonorable mention” award? 🙂

    Bowyer was disappointed, too (as I’m sure you’ve heard him say a thousand times 🙂 ) with the selection of Blanchette as Galadriel. He would’ve preferred Michelle Pfieffer.

    As long as we’re dream-casting the LOTR, imagine this:

    Sean Connery as Gandalf.
    Jeremy Irons as Aragorn
    Daniel Day-Lewis as Legolas
    Colin Farrell as Boromir
    Adrian Paul as Faramir
    Jason Isaacs as Elrond
    Brian Blessed as Gimli

    I’m ok with Pfieffer as Galadriel. I’m at a loss for the hobbits. I’m still thinking about Eomer and Eowyn. Patrick Stewart has to be in there somewhere as either Saruman, Theoden, or Denethor (probably Denethor). How about Sam Neill as Saruman? Any suggestions for Theoden?

  3. In a post in my old blog (or maybe it was a comment on someone else’s blog) I mentioned that my fancy was only tickled by women who I see/encounter in some way in my own life–not women I see on TV or in movies. I opined it was maybe pheromones, but maybe, alternatively, it is some sense of possibility with real live women (don’t get me wrong, I’m attached, happily, to one woman, and don’t fancy philandering). Another thought, whatever makes someone “sexy” cannot be reduced to looks/appearance. Some presence, some gravitas, “something in the way she moves,” I don’t know.

  4. I think I see where you’re coming from, Two Blue, and if my understanding is correct then I can appreciate what you’re saying.

    However, consider this: what attracts you to somebody in the first place? Somebody you’ve never met before? Whenever somebody accuses me of being shallow (and don’t worry, I’m not saying that you’re doing that here) because all I consider are looks, I always say, “What else do I have to go with?”

    If I’ve just seen somebody for the first time, I have no idea if she has a sense of humor, or if she’s smart, or if we have anything in common, or what she smells like (I’m running with the pheromones thing here), or if she’s a bitch, etc. All I have is what she looks like, and therefore all I can do is ask myself, “Is she hot or not?”

    Then I try to answer the other questions.

  5. Naah, I wasn’t calling you shallow.
    I was really just kind of saying what turns me on, or potentially does. I appreciate an attractive appearance in a woman, but somehow have gotten to where it is devoid of sexual speculation or something.
    Maybe I’m just full of it.

  6. I can agree on every point except Jolie. I mean, I think you’re a little crazy to have Thurman on the list but I can see why. However, Jolie? It’s not just how she looks it’s like waves of heat just roll off of her.

    That’s not why I’m here, though, I finished Black Hawk Down this morning. I’m going to blog on the topic certainly but I wanted to e-mail with you a bit too but I don’t see that option here and I don’t have your e-mail so…if you’re interested give me a shout over at

    Thanks again for the loan, I’m so glad I read the book and I’m sure I wouldn’t have if you hadn’t literally placed it in my path.

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