Posted by: nhfalcon | June 8, 2007

What the Hell is Wrong With Us?!

I just now clicked over to to get my daily dose of the news. The feature story was a crying Paris Hilton having to go back to jail. Two of the other top stories were Isaiah Washington getting fired from “Grey’s Anatomy” and James Gandolfini looking back at the last days on the set of “The Sopranos.”

It’s bad enough that this stuff is considered news, but headline news? FEATURE STORY news?! Who the hell really cares what happens to Paris Hilton? And if you do care, please ask yourself why you care. What impact does she have on your life? I can see reporting about the war in Iraq, rising gas prices, the stem cell research debate, gay marriage, just to name a few current hot topics in the news today. I fail to see reporting on Paris Hilton.

This reminds me of a couple of years ago when Britney Spears publicly admitted she wasn’t a virgin (thanks for THAT hot tip, Brit. I never would have guessed!). It seemed like every frickin’ newspaper, website, and radio and tv station led off their day with that story. Why? Why do we obsess over people who are basically meaningless? Athletes, movie and tv stars, musicians, heiresses, people who have done basically nothing truly meaningful to attain their place in the world apparently dominate our waking moments. Meanwhile, unless something utterly stunning occurs like 9/11, people who do matter like police officers, EMT’s, firefighters, and military personnel are virtually ignored.

I am reminded of a quote from an episode of Dennis Miller’s now-defunct HBO show: “It used to be that you actually had to do something to become famous – win a war, kill a dragon, right a wrong. Now what? You’ll be famous if all you do is neglect your child to the point where she can tumble down a drainpipe. You’ll be famous if you poke the local Drew Barrymore wanna-be in the workbay of the Levittown Long Island Lube-o-rama… Hey, forget the guy who saved the kid in the fire, when’s Madonna gonna reveal her new look? Will the doctor with the cure for cancer please sit the fuck down, here comes Marla Maples!”

WTF?! As we as a country wrap ourselves up in poor, poor, Paris’ conundrum, all I can think of is the old hardline commies from the Politburo in Russia saying to themselves, “We lost the Cold War to these fucking morons?!”



  1. I’ve written a post about Isaiah Washington, that I’ll post tomorrow, because his story ties in with something that’s important to me. All the other stuff? I COULDN’T care less….

  2. I snuck in here via mrschili, so I hope you don’t mind. I read your rant about what is “news” and it was like I was reading my own rantings (not that my style and yours are parallel, just the same frustrations).
    I laughed at the commie quote: “We lost the Cold War to these fucking morons?!”

  3. Glad I could entertain you, Two Blue. 🙂

    Welcome aboard! I don’t mind you sneaking in at all. The more the merrier! Feel free to comment at will on anything you like.

  4. it is the art of “mass distraction” at its best. the powers that be would rather we have a dumb and dumber population. they have succeeded. really smart people would doubt and second guess all the politicians. really smart people want to change everything. really smart people can see through the BS and rhetoric. no, the usa “won’t be having that”.

    “no one ever went broke under-estimating the intelligence of the american population.” — unknown quote from someone smart, which is why we don’t know him/her, as intelligence is not a highly marketable thing.

    corporate american hires the people they like, people that look like them, act like them, and could be their sons and daughters — not talent. they hate talent, as they are very resentful and afraid of truely smart people. smart people don’t follow the rules, as smart people know how dumb the rules are. they know that “rules were made to EXCLUDE, not include.”

    frankly, i don’t what is holding this society together. the usa is only 200+ years old. egyptians ruled for over 1000+, so i give the usa a good 50 to 100 more years before we really destroy ourselves.

    the good news: as long as the dummies are engaged with the lastest movie star gossip, at least that’s time away from their usual “hate your neighbor if he’s different” thinking. if we start anymore more of racial or sexual hatred, then i’d say we have about 25 years before we totally destroy ourselves.

  5. p.s. “you can’t fix stupid.”

  6. […] 31st, 2007 by nhfalcon * A while back I posted about the inanity of the Paris Hilton saga. Apparently someone agrees with […]

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