Posted by: nhfalcon | May 23, 2007

THIS Is Why I Love “Monday Morning Quarterback”

I have Sports Illustrated’s football web page on my blog roll. If you leave your cursor over it for a moment, a little window pops up stating that Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” is something I consider a “must-read.” The following is a good example why:

Aggravating/Enjoyable Travel Note of the Week

Eyewitnessed at the Pilgrim Shopping Plaza, Verona, N.J.:

Woman in late-model minivan, just in front of me, begins to turn right into a row of parked cars, looking for a parking space. She slams her brakes suddenly, causing me to slam mine. The reason: Another woman, this one in a tan Audi, is driving slowly down the row, right in the middle of the row, with a cell phone pressed to her ear. The Audi women is not paying attention, until the minivan woman leans on her horn continuously for a full five seconds. Now the minivan woman puts her car in park and, with her van cutting off the Audi, gets out of the car. I’ve never seen this before. Audi woman looks steamed.

“GET OFF YOUR *&%#ING PHONE! GET OFF YOUR &^%#ING PHONE!” minivan woman yells while walking to the window of Audi woman. Audi woman’s window is closed. Good thing. Minivan woman would slug her in the jaw if the window were open.

I find myself cheering on minivan woman. Where’s the enforcement of the cell-phone laws in some states, the ones that mandate users not be holding the phone while driving?

Minivan woman yammers some really good Jersey language at Audi woman, and I never hear Audi woman because she never opens her window. She looks like one of those people in a Southwest Airlines commercial. (You know, the ones that ask, “Want to get away?) Minivan woman gives her a middle-finger salute, shakes her head angrily, and I back up to give her room to back up and let Audi woman slink away, phoneless.

Go get her, minivan woman!

King doesn’t just talk about football, folks, though that is certainly the bulk of his column. Every week “MMQB” has anecdotes like the one above, and / or stuff like baseball (King is a rabid fantasy baseball player), his family (his daughter was an all-state softball player in high school, he lost his long-time family dog not long ago, stuff like that), what he calls “coffeenerdness (he’s a die-hard Starbucks drinker – stuff I personally detest, but hey – we’re not all perfect 🙂 ),” politics, ther war in Iraq, Sopranos updates, etc., etc…

I’m telling you, folks, MUST-read stuff, even if you’re not a football fan.



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