Posted by: nhfalcon | April 23, 2007

I Am a Draftnik

… and proud of it!

And just what is a “draftnik,” you may ask? A draftnik is somebody not employed by a National Football league team who is still fascinated by the process of scouting and evaluating college players eligible to enter the NFL. We’ll prognosticate about what team should pick which player, and then either celebrate when we think a team has made a smart pick or deride a team for making what we believe to be a foolish pick. Combine the insanity of a fantasy sports player with the 20-20 hindsight of a Monday morning quarterback and you’ve pretty much got your average draftnik. Mel Kiper, Jr., ESPN’s “draft guru” for the last twenty years or so, despises the moniker of “draftnik” – I revel in it.

I’ll give you an example of just how bad I am. Last year the weather was GORGEOUS on Draft Day. Was I outside enjoying it? Hell no! I was inside with two friends of mine, glued to the TV, toggling between ESPN and the NFL Network, drinking beer and eating seafood. This coming Saturday promises to be more of the same, only this year we’ll be feasting on a leg of lamb instead of seafood.

To begin the madness, I propose the following prediction of what the first round of this year’s draft will look like:

1) Oakland – JaMarcus Russell QB LSU

2) Detroit – Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin

3) Cleveland – Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame

4) Tampa Bay – Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech

5) Arizona – LaRon Landry S LSU

6) Washington – Gaines Adams DE Clemson

7) Minnesota – Leon Hall CB Michigan

8 ) Atlanta (from Houston) – Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas

9) Miami – Levi Brown OT Penn St

10) Houston (from Atlanta) – Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma

11) San Francisco – Adam Carriker DE Nebraska

12) Buffalo – Patrick Willis LB Mississippi

13) St. Louis – Jarvis Moss DE Florida

14) Carolina – Greg Olsen TE Miami (Fla)

15) Pittsburgh – Darrelle Revis CB Pitt

16) Green Bay – Marshawn Lynch RB California

17) Jacksonville – Reggie Nelson S Florida

18) Cincinnati – Marcus McCauley CB Fresno St

19) Tennessee – Dwayne Jarrett WR USC

20) New York Giants – Amobi Okoye DT Louisville

21) Denver – Quentin Moses DE Georgia

22) Dallas – Justin Blalock OG Texas

23) Kansas City – Alan Branch DT Michigan

24) New England (from Seattle) – Paul Posluszny LB Penn St

25) New York Jets – Aaron Ross CB Texas

26) Philadelphia – Ted Ginn, Jr. WR Ohio St

27) New Orleans – Tanard Jackson CB Syracuse

28) New England – Brandon Merriweather S Miami (Fla)

29) Baltimore – Ben Grubbs OG Auburn

30) San Diego – Arron Sears OG Tennessee

31) Chicago – Lawrence Timmons LB Florida St

32) Indianapolis – Jon Beason LB Miami (Fla)

I think I’ll try blogging the draft as it happens next week, so stay tuned…


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