Posted by: nhfalcon | March 16, 2007

And The Sadness Continues…

This has not been a good week for me.

I posted yesterday about the passing of Richard Jeni and Brad Delp, two of my favorite entertainers. What is about to follow is nowhere near as profound as someone’s death, but it still left me pretty upset.

A friend asked me out on a breakfast date this morning, and I accepted. I am NOT one to pass up the opportunity to have a good, big breakfast. I recommended a local place not far Mrs. Chili. I had been going there at Bowyer’s recommendation for years. The place was a little hole in the wall. If you blinked, you’d miss it. It might have sat two dozen people, tops. But the food was cheap, there was plenty of it, and it was awesome.


My friend and I drove past and saw that it was closed, which I thought odd, given that it was almost 9AM and this place usually opened around 7 or so. We pulled a u-turn and parked and I got out to read the sign. Little Local Breakfast Place is no longer Little Local Breakfast Place. It’s now some stupid little crepe shop. WTF!

This has not been a good week for me…



  1. OH, YES! I discovered that Jake’s is no more when I was heading to the jewelry store around the corner from the place and couldn’t find a parking space. I instantly picked up my phone and called Mr. Chili to tell him the sad news.

    Now there’s no place to get good homefries…

  2. So, do you know what happened to it? Is it closed for good, or just moved? If it’s closed for good, why? The place was always packed. I can’t believe it wasn’t making money.

    For an alternative, if you haven’t tried it, I’d recommend the Country View out by the highway. I’d say it’s close to Jake’s in quality, price, and portion sizes.

  3. Not sure if it’s the same place, but I remember a Jake’s from my years in NH. Sorry that it’s gone…

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