Posted by: nhfalcon | February 26, 2007

Wow, Have I Been Out of Touch!

So I hopped on the website of my favorite local video rental place ( to check out some recent new releases that I might have the time to see now that I’m on February break from my internship.


Has it been a while since I rented a movie! As I went back week by week by week, I compiled the following list of movies I wanted to see but missed (brace yourself…):

Flushed Away, Man of the Year, The Prestige, The Departed, Flags of our Fathers, Letters From Iwo Jima, Open Season, Flyboys, Gridiron Gang, Crank, Bandidas, Invincible, Fearless, World Trade Center, Barnyard, Pirates of the Caribbean II, Miami Vice, Ice Age II, Mission Impossible III, The Breakup, The Wild, Lucky # Slevin, United 93, The Sentinel, Inside Man, V for Vendetta, The Matador, Syriana, The Producers, Munich, The New World.


Oh, and Casino Royale comes out on 3/13 and Eragon comes out on 3/20.

Oh, and 300 hits the theaters on 3/9.

Can anybody recommend some of these movies to see over others? Some to not bother seeing? Anything to help winnow down the list?



  1. LOVE the new layout, by the way…

    Okay – of that list, I saw:

    The Prestige – loved it, but in a geeky English teacher sort of way – remember that I did my graduate work on the relationship between film and literature…

    Pirates of the Caribbean II – it was okay – didn’t love it, but didn’t regret the ticket price, either)

    MI III – liked it quite a bit and was amused by the MPAA warning

    Inside Man – this one was good and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again – it was a bit of a brain-bender

    Casino Royale – this was my favorite of all the Bond movies

    Eragon – I didn’t read the book, so enjoyed the movie more than people who did

    I DESPERATELY want to see The Sentinel and The Departed – let’s make video dates to see these together. I’d also like to see Invincible, but that’s lower on my list. Oh, and Mr. Chili and I discovered that 300 is being shown in IMAX theatres – I think we should take a roadtrip when the film is released; what do you say?

  2. My Netflix queue is 300 things long. I’m still catching up with hot movies from 2004. I’d say The Departed first off since it won that Oscar the other night.

  3. I have seen a few of the ones on your list, as you will soon see, the ones I have seen are all the cartoony ones, due to having an 8 yr old in the house.

    Open Season, really funny.
    Pirates 2, I really liked it, but it will leave you hanging.
    Ice Age 2, whats not to love about that one as well. It is a cute movie.
    Gridiron gang, I loved, but then again I have always loved a heart felt sappy truish story.

    The Wild, we really did not like it. not very many funny moments at all.

    I hope you are having a great day, I changed my name on here, this would be Kris so you know.

    Take care

  4. Well, I’ve eliminated “MI III” and “Miami Vice” off of the list. MI III was pretty good, though I think I like “I” & “II” better. “Vice” was average at best. It seemed too disjointed. Nice action sequences, though they were few and far between, and of course it was visually appealing. I think I liked the TV show better, though.

  5. Well, Ever since we had kids I’ve always said, “I’ll see no movie before its time”. We’re still catching up on flicks from the 90’s. Welsome to busy world.!

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