Posted by: nhfalcon | February 5, 2007

My 1st Super Bowl Blog

First thing’s first – food! Meatball subs made by Mrs Chili, Doritos, chips, Tostitos and salsa, chocolates, beer, soda, veggie tray, and brownies made by Cookiemaker.


It’s definitely raining in Miami.


Billy Joel doing the national anthem?! This could be scary! Already iffy. Coulda been worse.


What did I say about Hester vs. the Colts’ return coverage teams? J

Could Hester wind up as the MVP of the game?


Two throws by Manning – almost two INT’s.


Colts look really shaky. Bad read by Manning on the INT.


Three good commercials in a row: Bud Light, Doritos, and Blockbuster.


At least the Colt defense held.


The Sierra Mist commercial was pretty stupid. Check that – both were pretty stupid!


Looks like that rain is coming down harder.


Blown coverage on that TD to Wayne. By who I’m not sure. Nice move by Manning to avoid the rush.


But they blow the XP.


Who the f#*k decided to hire Prince as the halftime act?!


Colts kick away from Hester and recover the fumble! Turning of the tide?


Check that – Colts give the ball right back. Manning’s gotta be thinking “what the hell do I have to do?” Who was supposed to block Alex Brown?


Nice run by Thomas Jones.


Nice catch by Muhammad in tight coverage.


There a website for that Snickers commercial? Be afraid…


What the hell was the Terrence Wilkins thinking? Running backwards?


So Chris Harris blew the Wayne TD coverage.


Well, they contained Hester on that PR (despite two missed tackles).


Colts recover the fumble (now if they can do something with it)!


Manning’s making some really bad decisions here.


Two turnovers recovered by the Colts – 0 points. Not good for Manning & Co.


Colts gotta start taking advantage of the field position they’re getting.


YES!!! I love ads! J

OK, that Garmin ad was really dumb.


So where was Hester on that KR?


Another couple of dumb commercials (careerbuilder and Doritos).


Damn, it’s raining now!


I would’ve gone for two here.


What is up with all these dumb f#*cking commercials?!


Too bad I wasn’t taping the game. That Coke Black History Month commercial could come in useful when I teach the Civil Rights movement in my history class (note to self – check online).


Dallas Clark really hasn’t been much of a factor so far. There’s difference between the Bears’ LB’s and the Pats’ LB’s.


Another Colt mistake (Fletcher fumble).


Another Bear mistake!


Vinatieri missed!

Nice Aunt Jemima look, Prince. Better show than the Stones put on last year, though. He’s a better guitarist than I ever gave him credit for. Maybe the best halftime show I’ve seen since U2.


My hunch is that the Colts start to pull away now that the jitters are gone.


I hate the WR screen.


How about Joseph Addai for MVP?


All the stats would make you think the Colts were killing the Bears, not leading by just two points.


It’s been a pretty penalty-free game.


Iffy choice by the Colts to review whether or not the Bears had 11 men on the field. With a game this close losing that timeout might cost them.


God, the commercials really suck this year!


Oh yeah, the Bears do have an offense.


The Colts are running the ball better than the Bears. Whodathunkit?


The Colts gotta start getting TD’s instead FG’s here.


Stupid penalty by Indy (Robert Mathis with unnecessary roughness).


Bears need to take advantage of this field position.


If Manning has a flaw in his game, it’s the way he telegraphs his handoffs.


I don’t like the way the Colts are throwing on third and short. It’s working for them, but eventually it’s gonna bite them in the ass.


Just as the Bears get a good offensive play – holding.


Bob Sanders hasn’t been much of a factor tonight.


Nice throw by Grossman to Muhammad.


Bad throw by Grossman on that INT returned for a TD, though.


The Colts have been smart keeping the ball away from Hester since the start of the game.


There’s Sanders!


Stick a fork in Bears, they’re done.


Joseph Addai runs too tall – he’s gonna get hurt a lot and fumble a lot if he doesn’t learn to lower his head and run with forward body lean.


Interesting – the Bears are going no-huddle.

Maybe now people will get off Manning’s back? Please?!


  1. That Coke ad was GREAT. Here’s the link:

    Thanks for inviting us – we had a blast.



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