Posted by: nhfalcon | February 3, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football?!

I think I’ll try my hand at blogging the Super Bowl. Not live as it happens on this site, but rather by typing in thoughts and comments in Word and then copying and pasting to the site once the game’s done. Besides the game itself, there should be commentary on the announcers (to this day I remember yelling at John Madden to shut the hell up at the end of the Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Rams because he insisted that the Pats should play for overtime), the commercials (here’s hoping we see another appearance by the girl! 🙂 ), and the goings-on of the party (which Cookiemaker and I are hosting this year).

Looking forward to the comments on Monday!



  1. Uh, oh. I will be in attendance at said party, and I’m worried that it will be a staid, boring affair (we’re getting old, you know) and you’ll have no good material to blog about. Wait. What am I saying? Between the three of us (you, me, and Bowyer), I’m sure we’ll come up with PLENTY of laugh-worthy material. Nevermind – I’m changing my story on how much material you’ll have…

    I, personally, can’t STAND Madden. He’s always annoyed the crap out of me, even BEFORE he got the damned “coach’s clicker” and started making players appear to break dance on the replay screens. I really miss the old days of Monday Night Football with Al Michales, Dan Dierdorf and Frank Gifford. Those guys had a system that WORKED, and I really ejoyed watching their games. Sigh. Oh, for the good old days (See? I told you we were getting old!)

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