Posted by: nhfalcon | January 27, 2007

And Now For a Little Football…

I don’t understand why some people love to bash on Peyton Manning so much. Up in my neck of the woods, the common tactic is to compare him to Tom Brady. “Manning’s never won the big one!” “Brady’s won three Super Bowls and Manning’s never even been to one (up until a week from tomorrow)!” Guess what folks? Brady has not won three Super Bowls – the New England Patriots have won three Super Bowls. If you switch Manning and Brady, I think the Pats still win three Super Bowls and the Colts don’t go to any until this year. It’s a team sport, people!

Don’t get me wrong, I do think Brady’s a great QB. In fact, I think Brady and Manning are the two best field generals in the game, and they’re so close it’s hard to tell who’s #1 and who’s #2.

 But it baffles me that some people seem to hate Manning. Why? As a QB he’s got the size, stature, arm strength, pocket sense, awareness, and intelligence that just about every other QB in the league envies. As a human being he’s smart, humble, and leads a clean life. He’s a role model. I’d much rather have Little Man look up to Manning some day than Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Allen Iverson, or Manny Ramirez.

Here’s a great take on some people’s attitude with Manning:

My prediction for Super Sunday? Colts 27 – Bears 20. The key to the game? Can the Colts contain Bears rookie phenom kick and punt returner Devin Hester? This kid averaged 26.8 yards per kick return (5th in the entire NFL), running two back for touchdowns, and 12.8 yards per punt reutrn (2nd in the entire NFL), running three back for touchdowns. The Colts, meanwhile, ranked 31st (out of 32 teams in the league) in defending punt returns and 30th in defending kickoff returns.



  1. while i agree with you that peyton seems to constantly get a rap, i must comment on the fact that, in comparison to tom brady, he seems to be the one more likely to lose his cool in a stressful point of the game. yes, i also agree with you in regards to the fact that football is a team sport and that no, tom brady has not single-handedly won three super bowls, but you must admit that, while they are both outstanding quarterbacks, in a pinch, brady seems to keep it together more often than manning. that’s just my observation. my prediction is colts – 34, bears – 27…but we’ll just have to see what happens, now, won’t we? =)

    there, and i’ve finally left you a comment!

  2. I agree. We, as Americans, generally cannot truly grasp the idea of TEAM. The point that femmeclandestine made, though, about the QB being able to hold it together under pressure is well made, though. You know, there’s that whole “weakest link” theory.

    I try very hard not to make judgements about people I don’t know (unless, like Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise, they go out of their way to convince me that they’re assholes). My IMRESSIONS of Manning are that he’s a lovely person; he doesn’t seem conceited or selfish, I’ve never seen him bitch out a teammate on the sidelines or heard about him bad-mouthing anyone on or off the field, I’ve never seen or heard him be rude or condescending in interviews, and the advertisements he’s in have a gentle, sweet, almost too innocent overtone to them. Really, there’s nothing about what I’ve seen of the man to justify the Manning-bashing I’ve witnessed, so I’m with you on that; and I’m rooting for him on Sunday.

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