Posted by: nhfalcon | January 9, 2007

What Am I?

            I am not the most politically-oriented or –motivated guy in the world. This is probably a bad thing for someone who’s about to become a high school Social Studies teacher, but it’s the truth. I am starting to pay more attention to politics, not only because of my upcoming career change, but also because as a husband and especially as a father I realize that it has far more of an impact on my life than I ever gave it credit for.

            When I gave politics whatever little thought I used to give it, I always considered myself a Republican. I have positive memories of life during the Reagan administration (the Iran-Contra Affair notwithstanding), I voted for the elder George Bush in ’88, had a weak moment in ’92 and voted for Clinton (though I was going to vote for Perot until he pulled his “I quit, no, wait, I’m back” routine), didn’t vote in ’96 because I thought there weren’t any candidates worth voting for, and voted for G. W. in ’00 and ’04.


            (A brief aside on not voting in ’96: I have gotten no small ration of grief for doing that from some people. Let me emphasize something here: I have the right to vote, not the obligation. If I don’t think anybody’s worth voting for, I don’t have to. As the band Rush once said, “If you choose to not decide / You still have made a choice”)


            I’m not sure what I am anymore, though. I’m not sure what constitutes being a Republican or a Conservative or what constitutes being a Democrat or a Liberal. So, I’ll list where I stand on some issues and hope all of you out there can enlighten me…


            I am for the death penalty. If you’re a murderer, you should die. Not only that, but if you’re a rapist, you should die. If you’re a child molester, you should die. If you’re big-time drug dealer, you should die (I’m not talking about a neighborhood corner marijuana nickel-bag dealer here. I’m talking about a multi-kilo cocaine, heroin, crack, or methamphetamine dealer). If you’re a terrorist, and I realize defining what a terrorist is can be a very tricky thing, you should die.


            I believe women should have the right to choose to have an abortion in certain circumstances. If a woman is impregnated by a rapist, she should obviously have the right to choose to not have that child. If giving birth to the child is going to result in severe physical, mental, or emotional damage to the mother and / or the child then an abortion should be an option. Ditto if having the child may result in the death of the mother and / or the child. If the child was just a mistake, if he or she was conceived because lust couldn’t be controlled, because Bobby and Susie got hot and heavy in the back of Daddy’s Chevy and whoops! here comes baby, then you should not be able to kill that child! A life should not be ended before it even began just because you screwed up (pardon the pun).


            I do believe in a person’s right to bear arms, but I have no issue in waiting however many days the government wants me to wait to get my gun while they make sure I should have a gun. I do believe in the saying that “guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” A gun is just a tool, folks. It has no brain, no soul, it does only what the human holding it tells it to do.


            I have no issue with people from other countries wanting to come live here in the United States. I don’t care where you come from, what color your skin is, what god you worship, if you want to join our American reindeer games, then come on over. Just do it legally! And once you come here, learn how to speak English! If I decided to go live in France for the rest of my life (somebody shoot me if I ever decide to go live in France), I wouldn’t expect France to learn how to speak English for my sake. I would expect myself to learn how to speak French.


            While I do believe it is important to have a strong national defense, I think we’re spending way too much money on our military. I saw recently that the 2006 federal budget for the military was $563 billion dollars! Our closest military competitor, China, doesn’t even spend half that on their military. What do we need that much money going to our military for? The Soviet Union is gone. The Warsaw Pact is gone. The Berlin Wall is gone. The Cold War is over. We don’t need B-52 bombers, ICBM’s, and Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines. Don’t get me wrong, I have tremendous respect for our military personnel; I volunteered for the Air Force out of high school (I was rejected due to asthma). I just think we can more than adequately defend ourselves with a leaner, meaner military with even more highly-trained men and women than we already have instead of this sprawling beast we currently have.


            While we’re on the military subject, I was for the war in Iraq. I don’t understand why we’re still there now, though. Saddam is dead. His sons are dead. The Iraqis have their own government. Let’s bring our people home, even if it’s just to prep for the next theater of the War on Terror (Somalia? Iran? Korea?).


            I don’t have an issue with women in combat, by the way. I don’t care if you’re male or female. I don’t care if you like to have sex with males or females. If you can prove you can do the job at a high enough level, then you should be allowed to do the job. And that applies to any facet of life, in my opinion.


            I do prefer a government less involved in my life than more involved. I do prefer lower taxes than higher. I do think lower taxes stimulates the economy more than higher ones do. I’m of two minds about free trade. On the one hand, it seems like the only thing putting tariffs on foreign imports does is make other counties put tariffs on our exports going into their countries. On the other hand, if something isn’t done to curb the problem, American companies aren’t going to employ any Americans in the near future.


            I’m starting to think national health care is a good idea.


            I think welfare and Social Security are good ideas and need to be kept, but I think they need massive overhauls. They’re just way to easy to take advantage of.


            I think the last truly great president this country had was FDR. If not for Iran-Contra I might have said Reagan.


            Is a flat tax an impossible dream? No deductions, no loopholes, everybody pays the same percentage of their income to the government. Does that just make too much sense?


            Unless they completely screw up, I think the Democrats are a lock to win the presidency in ’08, though I’ll still strongly consider becoming a British or perhaps Australian citizen if the Democrat who takes over the White House then is Hilary Clinton.


            I don’t think nearly enough federal money is put into this country’s educational or law enforcement systems.


            I think perhaps we need to stop worrying about the rest of the world so much and focus a little more on ourselves. Yes, there are starving and homeless and jobless people in the Third World. Guess what? There are starving and homeless and jobless people here in the U. S., too. In supposedly the greatest, richest nation on earth, there are people who can’t find work, food, or shelter, and that’s just wrong. I’m not saying we shouldn’t help the rest of the world, just that we should do it only after we fix our own problems first.


            I’m sure there are other issues out there that would help define who or what I am, but I’m drawing a blank on them at the moment. Hopefully you all will help me out in my political soul-searching.

            Can you use the words politics and soul in the same sentence? J



  1. NHFalcon, This was the scariest thing you wrote:
    “I’m starting to think national health care is a good idea.”

    Especially after the preceding paragraph where you said you wanted less government in your life.?!?

    Next time you go to the UK, ask everyone you meet how well their health care system is.


  2. Ok, this is good. This points out potential holes or contradictions in my thinking and prompts me to ask questions to clarify things.

    Yes, I did say I prefer less government in my life than more, but I didn’t I want ZERO government involvement in my life. Who’s going to defend me from foriegn invaders? Who going to protect me from foriegn and domestic criminals? Isn’t it a government’s job to look after the welfare of it’s population? To make sure it’s safe, fed, sheltered, educated, etc?

    In regards to health care, my understanding of a nationalized system is that it would make sure everybody could afford to go to the doctor or the hospital. For example, I had a customer in the store last month telling me a story about how her mother was at home dying because she wouldn’t go to the hospital because she didn’t have insurance. If she cou;dn’t afford to have insurance, she certainly couldn’t afford to pay her medical bills if she went to the hosital. Isn’t national health care supposed to eliminate that fear?

    Now, assuming I’m correct in my understanding of national health care, what’s wrong with it? If the British system isn’t working, is it because it’s national health care, or because of something specific to the British version of it?

  3. NHFalcon, I agree we don’t want Zero Federal Govt. You hit it on the head with National Defense. This is the ideal role of Federal Government. Please keep us safe from Foreign invaders & criminals and Domestic criminals. As for the role of US Federal Government, Here’s the Constitution’s Preamble says: “establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain”…) – note, no education there. note also, the word is promote the general welfare, I take that as providing that level playing field – equal opportunity, not giving out others tax money to guarantee income.

    As far as the rest and I’ll quote you: — “Isn’t it a government’s job to look after the welfare of it’s population? To make sure it’s safe, fed, sheltered, educated, etc?”– DO you mean Federal or State & Local? Do you really want the Federal Govt to give us citizens a National Education system like they had in Nazi Germany? Should the Fed feed us? Should they build us free houses? Are you saying you want a Socialistic type of Federal Government which tries to make the OUTCOMES equal, or is it better to just offer to make the OPPORTUNITY equal. There’s the difference. If you make a lot of money, Hillary and her ilk want to take most of it away from you, regardless how hard you busted your arse to get it and they will give it away to others so the outcome of life will be the same for all (except for them who will have more than the regular people). For me, just level the playing field and the people who want to succeed will do it. You mentioned unemployment, there is always unemployment – It is impossible to get a national ecomomy to reduce unemployment under about 5%. Why? Because there are always people for whatever reason don’t want a job at a particular time and because many people are between jobs and some are unfit for holding jobs for medical reasons or disabilities.

    On the health care topic, In Canada and the UK, there are ridiculously long ‘queues’ to get treatment (which is downright depressing if you have to wait weeks to begin cancer therapy). The National Health care systems in both those places are not very good to downright poor and Hillary and the Dems want this for US??? THey just want more control.

    As for that person who told you about her mother (I wonder what the details of her story would reveal), she should just go to the emergency room like all the illegal aliens in this country. No hospital will deny her treatment – period. Her issue, IMO, seems to be that she may be more embarrassed at her predicament and too proud to seek treatment knowing she cannot pay?!?. The illegals are using the system rather nicely. I’ve even heard of well-to-do people (one was from the Dominican Republic) who flew to the US and went to a US hospital emergency room, got her treatment, which I believe included surgery and went back home. She got medical treatment she could not even dream about in her home country D.R. and left without haaving to pay for it. Not bad.

    I’d like to know more about that person’s sick mother. I suspect there’s more to the story. Sorry if I rambled too much, but there are many points I wanted to make to you. We should both Google up the UK and Canadian health care system and see what we find. – GregB –

  4. Hey, I put up some comments (that you solicited) 3 weeks ago that have gone unnoticed / unanswered. Either you’re pi$$ed off by what I wrote or you just forgot you asked for comments?!? I thought you wanted a dialog? I guess I should stop?.


  5. No, no – I’m not PO’ed. I welcome any and all opinions, particularly those that are educated, because mine, quite frankly, are not. I’m running on hunches here.

    I haven’t responded because I’ve been fairly busy. I’m responding now to your most recent post just to assure you that I do value your opinion. I’ll respond to your earlier posting soon, I promise.

  6. I would agree with just providing equal opportunity, Greg. That is the premise behind the “American Dream,” after all – that any American can make what ever he or she wants of his or her life if he or she wants it bad enough and is willing to work hard enough for it.

    The “general welfare,” however, is pretty vague. Isn’t that open for a lot of interpretation? Aren’t the physical and mental well-being of its citizens areas of “general welfare?”

    No, I don’t want the government teaching us, but shouldn’t the government be more concerned that all of us have an equal opportunity at a quality education?

    No, I don’t want the government healing us, but shouldn’t the government be more concerned that all of us have an equal opportunity at quality health care?

  7. […] doubt whether my definitions of what makes someone a Republican or a Democrat are accurate ones. I posted about this several months ago, listing where I stood on some issues, hoping for clarification from […]

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