Posted by: nhfalcon | December 25, 2006

So this is Christmas…

This has to be the worst Christmas I can remember.  It’s not that I’m terribly unhappy or angry or that some tremendous tragedy has befallen me. I have no doubt that there are multitudes of unfortunate souls out there in the world who are having a worse day than I am, and I am grateful for all that I do have, but this has been a really disappointing holiday season.

“Why,” you may ask?

Well, to borrow a phrase from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, let me count the ways…

 I’m sick (cold), my wife is sick (cold and conjunctivitis), and my son is sick (cold and conjunctivitis).

The contagiousness of my wife’s and son’s illnesses prevent us from being able to travel up to Maine to see our families for the holidays. Living in New Hampshire, it’s not that difficult to go see my parents or my in-laws fairly regularly, but my sister’s family lives in New Jersey, so missing out on seeing her, her husband, and her three kids is disappointing.

A friend of mine who was travelling up to NH from NJ to see her family got into a car accident on Christmas Eve, preventing her from being able to see me before I got out of work yesterday (the accident was minor. She and her car are fine, and she did get to NH eventually).

Another friend’s father is in the hospital with throat problems. He went into the hospital on 15th to get looked at. My friend told me he had some surgery, made it through ok, but was in pain. I got a brief text message on my cell phone from her the other day, however, that indicated things were turning for the worse. The fear is cancer.

Another pair of friends had their house catch on fire not too long ago.

Yet another pair of friends will be separating after the holidays.

My work is completely FUBAR (that’s F#*ked Up Beyond All Repair for those of you who haven’t served in the military, seen Saving Private Ryan, or read any of Richard Marcinko’s books). We’ve gone through three managers in less than a year, three assistant managers in less than a year, we were woefully understaffed for the Christmas season, and the current staff is a bunch separate individuals, not a team. The current manager is, to put it extremely kindly, less than impressive.

The weather has been anything but Christmas-like this year. Temps have mostly been in the 40’s, sometimes even the 50’s, all month. So, obviously, there’s no snow on the ground. Hate to let ya down there, Bing ol’ boy, but this one ain’t a White Christmas!

My wife and I have had tradition for nearly a decade now that we were not able to observe this year. We both take a day off together, pull the matress, blankets, and pillows off the bed and put them on the floor in the living room, and then do nothing but watch Christmas specials, eat breakfast foods, and drink coffee and hot chocolate all day long. I really missed that this year.

About the only thing that went right this year was a friend of my wife’s got engaged on Thanksgiving Day.

The hope, obviously, is that next year will be better. I shudder to think what would have to happen to make it worse! Next year I should be a teacher, not a jewelry salesperson, which means I’ll actually be home at night and on the weekends at Christmastime. What a concept! My son will be three by then, and should fully grasp the idea of Christmas and Santa and waiting for presents, so that should be fun. Hopefully we’ll all be healthy and fit to travel next year.

Here’s hoping!


  1. YAY!! I’m SO happy you’re blogging!

    I’m sorry that your holiday season sucks. I’m sending good hopes that things will start looking up soon. Until then, just keep getting through…



  2. Ok, I am sorry that your Christmas was not ideal. But think of the good things, you and your beautiful family were all together, maybe sick and yucky, but together.

    I understand about the odd weather, out here we have had snow, heaps of snow, then so much wind it blows the snow away. So not a White Christmas either more a patchy one.

    SO today as I turn 36, I hope your New year is wonderful. I hope my husband returns home safe, and I promise to email more often.

    Happy New Year

  3. It’s a funny thing about the holidays, they can always be better. They can also always be worse. Here’s to a great New Year with health and snow and a new career!

    Chilli sent me.

  4. It seemed to be the year for less-than-stellar Christmases; mine had me in tears. Here’s hoping you and your family will be well for New Year’s.

    Oh, and I’m here by way of Mrs. Chili.

  5. An update with some positives and some more negatives…

    Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first…

    On Tuesday the 19th my son, whom I’ll affectionately refer to as Little Man from now on, had to go to the hospital. He tripped and fell (likely over his own two feet, being my son) and bounced his head off a metal toilet paper dispenser, opening an inverted v-shaped gash on the side of his head (just above the temple, thank god) that required four stitches. He’s fine now, thankfully.

    My friend with the father who has the throat problem, whom I’ll now refer to as Lioness, had her fear realized – her father has malignant throat cancer. I got an e-mail from her that was surprisingly upbeat, considering the circumstances. My mother had throat cancer – twice – and I don’t think I was as positive then as Lioness is now.

    James Brown died the other day. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Godfather of Soul, but he was an American pop icon, and “I Feel Good” is a song guaranteed to get me movin’ (the scene in “Good Morning Vietnam” where Robin Williams gets down to that song is a classic moment in cinematic history, imho).

    Former president Gerald Ford died today. I don’t remember the Ford presidency (I was only four or so when this country’s only president to not be elected into office took the reigns), but I realize many people despised him for pardoning Nixon and wanted to lay at least some of the blame for the 1973 OPEC oil embargo crisis at his feet. Of course, as Dennis Miller once said, “And then there was Gerald Ford, whom I hold personally responsible for Chevy’s (Chase) talk show,” referencing the late president’s renowned clumsiness. But the man was a president.

    On the upside…

    I did get to go to Maine yesterday and see my parents and my sister and her family. It was only briefly, and my wife, whom I’ll refer to as Cookiemaker from now on, and the Little Man were unable to join me, but it was good to see them. I also got to see a friend I hadn’t seen in a while during a stop on the way home.

    My DVD collection has increased noticeably due to the holidays. I have now added “After the Sunset,” “Battle of the Planets: Volume I,” “Black Hawk Down,” “Cars,” “Curious George,” “The DaVinci Code,” “Lethal Weapons I, II, & III,” “Mazes & Monsters,” “Over the Hedge,” and “Superman Returns.”

    Cookiemaker and the Little Man are recovering from their illnesses. The conjunctivitis seems to be gone, and the colds are better, but still lingering. I, somehow, avoided the dreaded pinkeye completely and blew through my cold in under 48 hours.

    On slightly different notes…

    Let’s all hope and pray for the safe return of Kris’ husband, and all American military personnel who are overseas this holiday season. You may or may not support the war, but that is the politicians you should be having a problem with, not the soldiers, sailors, and airmen. Godspeed home safe and sound!

    Welcome to all who have been sent here by my friend Mrs. Chili. Glad to have you join in my reindeer games! 🙂

  6. I feel your pain, sir. If it were a game of oneupsmanship I could beat you but it’s so not. It’s a matter of being able to say, “Damn, me too, next time will be better I hope.”

    And, Damn, next time will be better I hope.

    Good idea to seize the opportunity to see the extended fam, even if you had to leave the immediate fam behind for a day.

    Here’s to 2007 being better!

  7. Jon is recieving lots of support in Iraq from our family and many friends this year. Thanks for adding to that list Falcon.

    Sorry about little man, it happens. I remember in Hawaii my son, “gus”” ran into the tub faucet and had to have many stitches. I hope he is feeling better.

    Oh and when you watch Over the Hedge, Hammy is a dead ringer for my youngest daughters personality. It is so similar it is scary. So feel for me when you see what I mean lol.

    I hopefuly will be headed to Maine soon, we have a family member with cancer and I will be called home sooner than later I think.
    Happy New Year!!

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